Cell and Gene Therapy-based Clinical Trials’ Rapid Growth in the UK

Jan 17, 2020 | Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products, ATMP, Cell Therapy, Gene Therapy

Cell and Gene Therapy-based Clinical Trials’ Rapid Grown in the UK

Cell and gene therapy-based clinical trials are rapidly growing within the United Kingdom reports the Cell and Gene Therapy Catapult (CGT Catapult). These advanced experimental treatments now represent and 45% increase as compared to 2018—this represents 12% of the total cell and gene therapy clinical trials.

CGT Catapult

The CGT Catapult was established as an independent center of excellence to advance the growth of the UK cell and gene therapy industry, by bridging the gap between scientific research and full-scale commercialization. With over 180 experts focusing on cell and gene therapy technologies, it works with partners in academia and industry to ensure life-changing therapies can be developed for use in health services throughout the world.

According to CGT Catapult, there are 127 ongoing cell and gene clinical trials in the UK.  PharmaTimes reports that Further, the report showed that the UK is set to more than double its cell and gene employment by 2024, as more therapies are moving towards commercialization. This means that in the last seven years, the industry has expanded from 500 jobs in 2012 to over 3,000 and is predicted to reach over 6,000 jobs by 2024.

The organization’s 2019 UK Advanced Therapy Medicinal Products (ATMPs) clinical trials database now demonstrates that 77% of UK cell and gene therapy trials are now sponsored by commercial organizations, compared to only 25% in 2013, reflecting the continuous investment that companies are making in cell and gene.

Call to Action: See the CGT Catapult website for contacts.

Source: Pharma Times


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