Although cancer survival has approved in the UK since 1995, it still lags behind similar high-income nations, reports the International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership (ICBP), an organization managed by Cancer Research UK.

Recently published in Lancet Oncology, the team investigated 3.9 million cancer cases from 1995 to 2014 in seven countries including Australia, Canada, Denmark, Ireland, New Zealand, Norway and the UK. Ms. Emma Morriss from the UK’s Pharmafield, reported that one-year and five-year survival has improved across all seven cancer sites in the UK and rose by 14% since 1995 from 48% to 62%. Moreover, five-year survival increases in the UK is one of the highest worldwide across all countries for colon cancer. This clearly results from improved treatments, prevention methods, etc.

Follow the link below to Phrarmafield for the entire summary of the report.

Lead Research/Investigator

John Butler, study co-author, consultant surgeon at Royal Marsden

Call to Action: Interested in UK and other national cancer statistics? Follow up with Cancer Research UK International Cancer Benchmarking Partnership for more details.

Source: Pharmafield

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