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Can Texas Biotech Cluster Some Day Rival San Francisco or Boston?

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Texas Comptroller Glen Hegar writes in TribeTalk of Texas Tribune to advocate that Texas become a “third coastal biotech hub.”  Hegar notes with compelling tax law, world renown medical academic research centers and a well-trained and abundant workforce surely affords it a chance to catch up with its “coastal” rivals.  Hegar notes that Texas is home to 4,000 life science firms and nearly 100,000 biotech jobs with an estimated 300,000 secondary and tertiary jobs.  Does Boston and San Francisco—or for that matter-Research Triangle Park—need to look out?  Well, Texas does boast University of Texas MD Anderson in Houston and UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas where as Hegar writes “cutting-edge research is leading to novel treatments for deadly diseases.”  Follow the link below to read the entire editorial. Texas continues to become a center for corporate headquarters. Its taxes are low; general cost of living remains considerably better than on the two ocean coasts and a considerable knowledgeable labor force already makes a home there.  As readers ponder the editorial consider what is Texas missing?  San Francisco and Boston have established themselves as leading biotech and life science clusters.


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