Caltech Alumnus David Ho & COVID-19: We are Just at the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

Mar 22, 2020 | Caltech, Coronavirus, COVID-19

Caltech Alumnus David Ho & COVID-19 We are Just at the ‘Tip of the Iceberg’

David Ho, a viral epidemics expert and Caltech trustee, was recently interviewed by Lori Dajose, a science writer with Caltech. Ho believes that what we are experiencing now with the COVID-19 pandemic is “just the tip of the iceberg” as there are many disturbing signals that scientists are not sure yet what they all mean for us all.

A Prominent Research

David Ho is a Director and Chief Executive Officer, Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center, and Irene Diamond Professor, The Rockefeller University. David Ho was instrumental in early research into HIV and AIDS. He has spent a good deal of his professional career devoted to researching and understanding the disease. During the 1990s, he delivered breakthrough research which led to a series of groundbreaking treatments. He earned many awards, including Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1996 and a Presidential Citizens Medal in 2001.

The Caltech Interview

Ms. Lori Dajose, a science writer for Caltech, interviewed Caltech alumni David Ho to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.  Ho believes that what has occurred thus far is “just the tip of the iceberg” and that although he is optimistic in our collective strength to overcome this virus over the long run—led by science—in the short run, we are moving into a dangerous time. And this COVID-19 pandemic may not be pushed back for at least 18 to 24 months, reports Ho. The health, economic and social implications of this are not truly understood yet. An easy to read and informative interview, follow the link to Caltech’s website for the read.

Source: Caltech


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