A Brigham and Women’s Hospital-led study reveals that good old fashioned prescriptions for diabetes, including body movement, healthy eating and weight loss is incorporated by patients into daily life when heard frequently.

The retrospective clinical data analysis of over 19,000 patients with uncontrolled blood glucose levels, Brigham and Women’s Hospital and team found that the patients that were less likely to fall to cardiovascular events or be hospitalized for chess pain were the ones who received frequent lifestyle counseling—at least monthly, if not more.

These patients were also less likely to die from any cause when compared to those patients that were counseled less frequently reported one of the study leads and endocrinologist Alexander Turchin, MD, evidencing the critical importance of care coordination for diabetes patients.

Investigator Comment

Alexander Turchin, MD noted “As a physician, it’s encouraging to see that these conversations can change outcomes that matter to our patients.” He continued, “We’re not talking about just changing the numbers. We’re talking about preventing strokes, heart attacks, disability and death.”

Lead Research/Investigator

Alexander Turchin, MD 

Marcia A. Testa

Donald C. Simonson

Maria Shubina

Naoshi Hosomura

Saveli I. Goldberg

Huabing Zhang

Source: American Diabetes Association

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