Houston-based BrainCheck has raised an additional $1.5 million bringing it a total of $6 million to date. Founded in 2015, the company is the result of 20 years of research and development at the Eagleman Laboratory for Perception and Action at Baylor College of Medicine.  Neuroscientist founder David Eagleman has been researching and designing reliable, noninvasive methods to understand the inner workings of the brain and assess brain function with innovative neurocognitive testing. It is reported that the Braincheck neurocognitive testing platform is used by hundreds of clinical practices and over 40,000 individuals.  Claiming to be a “first to market” end-to-end cognitive health solution, they are targeting the rapidly growing dementia market also known as the “silver tsunami.” Their product includes compliance and registration with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class II medical device that provides computerized cognitive assessment aid.  It is a prescription device that uses an individual’s score(s) on a battery of cognitive tasks to provide an interpretation of the individual’s cognitive function. They initially launched around detecting sports related brain-injuries. In 2017 they published results of a research study focusing on the diagnostic accuracy of the BrainCheck technology.  The results included consistent distributions of normative data and high test-retest reliability.

BrainCheck investors include:

True Wealth Ventures

Tensility Venture Partners

XFactor Ventures

S3 Ventures

Independent angel investors


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