Barrow Neurological Institute Arizona Receives $50 Million to Seek Cancer Cures

Sep 12, 2018 | Barrow Neurological Institute, Brain Tumors, Ivy Brain Tumor Center, Site Success, Site Watch

With $50 million from a private foundation, Phoenix-based Barrow Neurological Institute  announced Monday that it is opening a center to focus on improving brain-cancer outcomes through experimental clinical trials.

The private, Scottsdale-based Ben and Catherine Ivy Foundation is financing the new Ivy Brain Tumor Center, which will aim to improve the odds of surviving brain cancers.

In particular, the center will target glioblastoma, said neurological oncologist Dr. Nader Sanai, who will direct the new center. He called the disease “the most complex biological cancer.”

The Ivy Center will be about “high risk, high reward” treatment therapies for the deadly cancer, Sanai said. Ideally, he would like to see glioblastoma become a chronic disease that does not impact life expectancy.

“If you can find a way through glioblastoma, all of the others are comparatively less complex,” Sanai said. “The challenge of glioblastoma is that it has so many mutations. It is so dynamic, meaning it changes day by day. It’s almost impossible to anticipate and has incredible resistance to drugs.” Read the AzCentral article for the rest of the story.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Nader Sanai


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