Bar Illan University Breakthrough May Change Cancer Research for Good

Sep 19, 2018 | Cancer, Oncology, Personalized Medicine, RNA

As reported in Globes One of the most promising developments in medicine today is personalized treatment based on a cancer patient’s individual genes. The idea behind this approach is that if we discover what particular mutations have taken place in a specific cancer cell, we will be able to aim drugs directly at the cell with this mutation, while avoiding damage to healthy cells. Bar Ilan University Prof. Erez Levanon, however, has now discovered that a significant proportion of the mutations enabling cells to become cancerous occur not because of DNA, but because of RNA – molecules containing information duplicated from DNA that circulate freely in cells. This discovery is likely to refute the idea on which personalized medicine is based, but it could also break new ground in treatment of autoimmune and blood vessel diseases.

Lead Research/Investigator: Professor Erez Levanon


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