Australian Tax-Payer Funded “Cruel Diet” Clinical Trial

Mar 14, 2019 | Australia, Child Obesity, Youth, Youth Clinical Trial

Youth Obesity Trial

Some are complaining in Australia that their tax dollars are being allocated to cruel clinical trials for overweight teens. Children’s Hospital in Sydney and Melbourne are inviting overweight teenagers in a controversial weight-loss trial that experts are calling “cruel.”  The Fast Track Trial involves 13 to 17-year old’s not eating on alternate days of the week and enduring severe calorie restrictions. This $1.2 million taxpayer-funded program is aimed at teens who “Might be above a healthy weight” and includes a month-long “very-low energy” diet.   The kids are randomly selected into two groups where they will engage in either “modified alternate-day fasting” or they will be placed on a “reduced calorie plan” for 10 weeks. A clinical psychologist, Louise Adams, called the trial “a grueling and prolonged semi-starvation experiment.” The goal of the trial “is to determine if a modified alternate day fasting dietary pattern results in significant weight loss and a lower BMI (body mass index) when compared to a standard reduced calorie dietary pattern.


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