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Australian Federal Government to Invest $15M for Ovarian Cancer

Dollars with stethoscope on them. Costs for the medical insurance.

Ovarian Cancer is the deadliest form of women’s cancer. In Australia, 1,500 women will be diagnosed with the deadly disease annually. About 50% of these women will be dead within five years. There is no early detection test and treatments haven’t progressed in any material way in decades. ABC broadcaster Jill Emberson, diagnosed with stage III ovarian cancer in 2016, has been fighting for her life and lobbying for federal research support ever since. This week the Australian government committed $15 million for clinical trials.

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) showcased this recent news with an interview of Health Minister Greg Hunt to discuss ovarian cancer and the Australian federal governments push to fund clinical trials to lift survival rate. The $15 million comes on top of $20 million allocated to general ovarian cancer. This will go through the rare cancer clinical trials program.

Follow the link to the source to listen to an ABC interview with Mr. Hunt


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