Australian Coalition Receiving $100 Million for Remote Clinical Trials

Apr 20, 2019 | Australia, Remote or Virtual Trials

Financial Review reports Prime Minister Scott Morrison has pledged $100 million to boost clinical trials for medical research and new medicines in regional and remote communities across Australia.

Australia, both a continent and a country, represents a vast terrain.  Travel across the country makes participation difficult as most of the population and infrastructure is based on the eastern coast.  This new investment represents an effort to improve treatment options and employment outside of big cities and ultimately, the governments $550 million strategy for stronger rural health services. In parallel, Australia’s Labor Party is positioning a $2.3 billion cancer research package to entice voters. The remote clinical trial coalition complements $614 million in funding that was part of the 10 year Medical Research Future Fund investment plan and $7 million in funding to state a and territory governments to support activities designed to achieve national consistency of clinical trials the Financial Review reports.


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