Austin Cancer Center (ACC), the largest independent oncology group, has partnered with a healthcare-enabling research organization known as Elligo Health Research.  By signing up ACC, Elligo gets to expand its research ready network to include its first oncology practice to broaden Elligo’s therapeutic specialization, while allowing ACC’s oncologists to offer research as a care option. ACC is currently enrolling patients for studies in breast cancer.

The recent news was released by Elligo Health Research to Yahoo Finance.  Elligo continues to bridge the gap between research and care using its Goes Direct® approach that TrialSite News has profiled in past editorials.

Elligo Health Research Seeks to Capitalize on Gaps in Research and Care

Presently, a small percentage of actual physicians and patients actually participate in clinical research.  Elligo thought to offer a way to help augment standard clinical practices by infusing clinical trials expertise, knowledge and operational know-how. Moving forward, the theory is Elligo can partner with a standard physician network and turnkey the FDA and GcP compliance requirements.

Austin Cancer Center

With 11 locations, ACC provides integrated oncology services in the central Texas region. They currently offer medical oncology, comprehensive breast care and breast oncology, gynecologic oncology, neuro oncology and diagnostic and interventional radiology specialties. ACC delivers effective, value-based care and improves physical and mental outcomes for the patients in their community.  They have key partnerships with multiple hospital systems in central Texas and provide expert care at Austin Cyberknife.

Elligo Health Research

Elligo Health Research accelerates the development of new pharmaceutical biotechnology, medical device and diagnostic products. Powered by their novel IntElligo Research Stack™ (an eSource documentation tool), clinical technology and Goes Direct® approach, they connect the best healthcare experts with the best research technologies and infrastructure, thereby becoming the ultimate healthcare-enabling research organization.

While maintaining the integrity of the trusted patient and healthcare physician relationship, Elligo ensures all patients have access to clinical research as a care option by engaging healthcare physicians and their patients who otherwise would not participate in the clinical research.  With their electronic health records they are building digital local health communities.

Elligo Finances

Founded in 2016 by Chad Moore, Elligo has raised $36 million in venture capital financing in three venture rounds.  Moore spent several years doing investment banking M&A deals in healthcare prior to forming Elligo.  Presently, 88 employees self-identify themselves with Elligo on LinkedIn.  Owler estimated 95 employees and $5.5 million in revenue.  They recently launched their $20 million C round, covered by TrialSite News, where we identified they had 90 employees and planned to hire dozens more.

TrialSite News estimates that Elligo now spends approximately $15 million per year, or $1.25 million per month. It is not clear where there break even point is as of yet and if they have reached it.

Business is Growing

It was reported at the beginning of the year in the Austin Business Journal that the company has over 60 clinical trials they support, not to mention 332 physician partners at over 50 medical practices.

Clinical Trial Exchange Technology Acquisition

Last year, Elligo acquired ePatientFinder’s Clinical Trial Exchange technology platform and referring network, which was purported to be the largest of its kind.  Elligo acquired the platform to enhance its trial matching process to streamline patient identification and feasibility through automation using electronic health record data within Elligo’s network of providers.

As Elligo is partnering with the “97% of practices that don’t participate in clinical trials,” they will undoubtedly be able to access these practices’ electronic medical record systems.


ePatientFinder was identified as 100% HIPAA compliant as it must interrogate underlying practice electronic medical record data for patients. Elligo is leveraging the newly acquitted exchange technology to interface with local practice medical records.  Note that Elligo will need to sign Business Associate Agreements and take on HITECH ACT accountability as it will be processing provider patient data records.  In this way, Elligo is subject to FDA 21 CFR Part 11 and GcP, but also privacy and data protection laws associated with HIPAA and HITECH Act. Moreover, if any substance abuse data makes its way into Elligo records, that will automatically trigger 42 Part 2 which include onerous requirements.  Elligo is truly extending the physician practice enterprise to extend into clinical research. The research will require considerable overhead in compliance capabilities especially as they move into larger health system partnerships which maintain considerable IT/IS security policy requirements.


Elligo recently partnered with Austin Cancer Network to expand its clinical practice partner network in the populated region of central Texas.  Elligo’s founder introduced a somewhat disruptive model that this publication admires in spirit.  We are monitoring this venture carefully as it does represent a potential for fundamental change in the clinical research ecosystem. We are not sure about their revenue model as of yet.  More reports to come and time will tell.

Source: Yahoo Finance

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