As reported by Hina Khaliq in the Oncology Learning Network, researchers from the Argentine Association of Clinical Oncology, Buenos Aires, Argentina, and colleagues conducted a research project to determine the frequency of placebo adverse events in randomized clinical trials of modern cancer drugs in the adjuvant setting. The results of the meta-analysis reveal that placebo use in double-blind, randomized clinical trials is associated with a considerable number of grade 3 to 4 adverse events, prompting the study investigators to implore consideration of these findings by investigators, sponsors, regulatory authorities and patient support groups. As noted by Ms. Khaliq, the researchers noted, “several reports have associated the placebo effect with objective response and improvement of a clinical condition in oncology, but only a few studies have analyzed the adverse events…in the placebo groups of the clinical trials.”

Lead Researcher

Matías Rodrigo Chacón, MD, Research Department, Argentine Association of Clinical Oncology, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Source: Oncology Learning Network

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