Apple’s Health Records App to be Used by Community Health Systems-Affiliated Hospitals

Apr 17, 2019 | Apple, Apps, EHR, Mobile Apps

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Since its debut in 2018, the Health Records app that Apple created has gotten attention from many leaders in the healthcare industry.  For instance, several hospitals such as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Cerner Healthe-affiliated clinics have adopted to using the app though only the Beta version is available.  In other words, it’s not even the final product and yet the amount of investment in this app is astonishing. According to EHRIntelligence, half of the executives of health system organizations that were surveyed back in 2018 predicted “The app will accelerate health IT innovation, while 33 percent said it will impact consumer-facing app development”.  Meanwhile, a quarter of them predicted the app will allow more opportunities for outside vendors to get into the healthcare market.

So it’s no wonder that a company as big as Community Health Systems would want to take advantage of Apple’s Health Records app.  As of this year, “100 CHS-affiliated hospitals now support the Health Records feature on iOS devices” according to EHRIntelligence.  So what this means is that patients who go to these hospitals will be able to access medical information on the Health Records app including diagnoses prescriptions and notifications of updates from providers.  Fortunately, this information is protected via encryption through passcodes or IDs on the iOS device the patient uses such as an iPhone.

About Apple’s Health Records

As the name suggests, it keeps track of Electronic Health Records (or EHRs for short).  But what makes this app unique is that it can access information from multiple providers instead of just one, which tends to be the case with most hospitals and clinics.  This is made possible using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources (FHIR) making interactions between different health record systems easier and more accessible for the patients in general.  The app also includes “Simple data visualizations that highlight any values that are out of range if a reference range is provided from a health system” EHRIntelligence says making the information that’s provided more transparent as a result.

About Community Health Systems

Originating from Franklin, Tennessee, this company is one of the biggest healthcare service providers in the United States.  While they operate in many hospitals nationwide, this includes ones that specialize in acute care. Currently, it owns and/or operates 106 hospitals in 18 states along with about 17,000 licensed beds.


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