Anti-Inflammatory Action of Ivermectin Surveyed in Literature Review

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Anti-Inflammatory Action of Ivermectin Surveyed in Literature Review

In clinical use since 1981 as an oral and topical medicine for a range of parasitic infection, ivermectin is on WHO’s List of Essential Medications. Anecdotally, the standard dose of 9mg used once has been correlated with some instances of “rapid clinical resolution in severe hospitalized COVID-19 [cases].” Clinical studies are underway; while ivermectin is shown to inhibit SARS-CoV-2 in vitro, but this seems to require a far higher dose than the “standard.” And this casts “doubt on  the utility of this agent as an antiviral drug in COVID-19 unless very markedly higher doses are used.” This latest ivermectin update is based on an editorial/literature review in Open Heart, an open-access journal, which is “an official journal of the British Cardiovascular Society.” The piece notes that viral-replication blocking would be less useful in late-COVID-19 with cytokine storms. Yet anecdotes point to success at this later stage. So, research should consider the idea that “ivermectin is acting as an anti-inflammatory in these cases.” This motivated the editorial search for “literature on ivermectin for anti-inflammatory actions.”

Prior Research Suggests Effectiveness

Zhang et al looked at ivermectin in mice in 2008. They began by challenging mice with fatal doses of the pro-inflammatory intraperitoneal lipopolysaccharide (LPS). Then they showed that ivermectin administered two hours before the LPS. The scientists showed a 50% reduction in mortality with a 4mg/kg dose. In vitro studies have also shown the medicine to block cytokine production. Extrapolation from mice to humans calculates an effective dose of 36 mg. One year later another study ivermectin was found to suppress, “activation both of NF-kappaB and the stress-activated MAP kinases JNK and p38.6” Two other reports show the drug, “exerts anti-inflammatory effects in murine models of allergic inflammation.” While conceivable that the anti-inflammatory properties of ivermectin are limited “to LPS or toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) signaling,” it may also work downstream on, “other proinflammatory signaling pathways.” 

The authors argue that it is reasonable to think that, at doses near or slightly above standard dosing, ivermectin, “may have important clinical potential for managing disorders associated with life-threatening respiratory distress and cytokine storm—such as advanced COVID-19. Ivermectin may have been ‘flying under the radar’ in this regard during four decades of clinical use.” Rajter et al reported showed a significantly lower death rate for 173 patients given ivermectin versus the 107 who were not. Gorial et al looked at mean hospital stay time in patients who did and did not get ivermectin. The first group had average hospital stays of 7.62 days versus 13.22 days for the second group. Two persons died in the control group; none died in the ivermectin group. Notably, “these apparent therapeutic benefits were seen in hospitalized patients, in whom antiviral measures are suspected to be less effective than anti-inflammatory measures targeting cytokine storm.”

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. James J. DiNicolantonio

Call to Action: Follow the link to the literature review in Open Heart.  

Source: Open Heart


  1. Monte Miller

    I believe it has been flying under the radar which makes me wonder how many more are? I knew it was going to be good when It was revealed that it killed the virus in vitro.

  2. DR. I. V. REDDY ..

    In covid what dose is advisable and how long, different Hospitals are following different treatment options.. please send me the detailed information..

    • Paul Elkins

      Dr. Reddy, the most widely used dosage is 200mcg/kg as this is the already FDA approved dosage for other conditions. Some protocols call for a second dose 2-3 days later. The ICON study in Broward County used the 200mcg/kg dosing. Here is a link to their details:

      Doxycycline is also being used as an adjuvant mainly to avoid any secondary infections but it also has exhibited antiviral properties in many other viruses. Doxy is administered at 100 mg BID for 10days.

  3. Paul Elkins

    Wow, I hadn’t heard of this MOA from Ivermectin! Very interesting and it does explain why there are so many moderate stage cases where Ivermectin seems to confer significant therapeutic benefit. I was always puzzled by these reports since the more widely known antiviral MOA’s (Nuclear protein blockade, and CD147R inhibition) would only be supportive during the viral stage. This newly discovered MOA begs the question regarding optimal dosing for Covid-19. The widely supported 200mcg/kg might not be optimal for the anti-inflammatory mechanism. There is a wide safety margin in Ivermectin dosing with some current trials testing much higher dosages. The dosing might be dependent on the stage of the disease i.e. 200-400mcg/kg within 5days of symptoms onset versus 600-1200mcg/kg if on o2 support.

    FDA needs to issue an EUA for this extremely safe repurposed therapeutic while the NIH should be providing grants to the RCT administrators of ongoing IVM trials to expedite results.

    • Debra Sewell

      I first saw ivermectin In April 2020 when I looked up Monash university about my optic nerve but accidently ran across Monash’s headline “ivermectin cures Covid in 48 hours in a Petrie dish). I tried to tell people about it in the US. I sent an email to a reporter who was reporting on vacinnes. I told an Arizona Senator who I used to go to high school with. I put it on Facebook but since I used the word “cure” I was scolded and deleted. That’s when too many odd things were listed as cures. Now it’s on utube saying coming out mainstream. It’s being used successfully in Australia, Bangladesh, Peru and starting to be used in the US in Miami and other states.


    There’s a very strange lack of curiosity among professorial doctors, journalists and of course, large pharmaceutical outfits about the use of ivermectin, zinc and tetracycline or etc.

    I don’t expect anyone is going to benefit monetarily from Ivermectin… but maybe the ordinary GP will finally be able to get back patients ($) because you’ll need a prescription from him/her to get yer ….Stromectol … I think it’s called?

    At the moment, for journalists anyway, if it’s not about the latest spending of billions of dollars it just gets edited out…

    • Ruth Hamill

      Yes Mr Peter F Bell it’s exactly my thoughts how difficult it is to get anyone to listen to preventative therapy in medecine , they forget that without simple safe experiments nothing has ever been achieved I’ve seen time and again

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