An Interview With Patricia Carter: Patient Engagement and Retention in Clinical Trials

Jul 31, 2019 | Digital Media, Hematology, Myeloma, Patient Clinical Trials, Patient Engagement, Patient Recruitment, Patient Retention, Podcast


In this weeks podcast we talk to Patricia Carter a Hematology-Myeloma Research Nurse about patient engagement and retention in clinical trials. Below are links to both the youtube video or the podcast feed.

You can also reach out to Patricia Carter at the below places:

Article referenced in podcast and video here



  1. Douglas Melton

    Global Research Support For Study Coordinators and Research Nurses on Facebook is how you can reach Patricia Carter.

    • TrialSite

      Thank you for your reply. Patricia Carter let us know the name of the group is “Clinical Research Coordinators & Nurses Global Support Zone”

      • Douglas Melton

        Thank you I saw that she had updated my apologies.

        • TrialSite

          No worries, we appreciate the feedback.

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