Alberta, Canada Clinical Investigator Site ‘Central Alberta Research Clinic’ Leads LEO Pharma Delgocitinib Study for Atopic Dermatitis

Aug 13, 2019 | Alberta, Atopic Dermatitis, Canada, Central Alberta Research Clinic, Dermatology, Eczema, Leading Sites, Site Success

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Central Alberta Research Clinic conducts a Phase II eczema clinical trial for an investigational cream-based treatment called Delgocitinib (Leo Pharma).

The Alberta clinical investigator site is one of three sites in Canada as well as nine in the U.S. conducting the clinical trial. Central Alberta Research Clinic secured approvals from Health Canada in addition to the Health Research Ethics Board of Alberta. As it is a cross-border trial it was also vetted by the FDA.

Central Alberta Research Clinic

Based in Red Deer, Alberta Canada dermatologist Dr. Isaiah Day is leading the study. They are seeking teens age 12 to 17 with moderate to severe eczema to join the study.

In affiliation with the Bailey Clinic, Central Alberta Research Clinic has conducted over 160 clinical trials and has become one of Canada’s most respected clinical research centers. With a focus on internal medicine, with an emphasis on diabetes, cardiovascular, weight loss, vaccines, women’s health, urology and dermatology, the clinic partners with academic centers and biopharmaceutical sponsors to make new treatments available for patients reports the Red Deer Advocate.

What is Delgocitinib?

Produced by Danish LEO Pharma, delgocitinib is a pan-JAK inhibitor for topical use, under development for people with atopic dermatitis and chronic hand eczema.

Lead Research/Investigator

Dr. Isaiah Day, Principal Investigator


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