As reported in The Exchange, Africa’s Aga Khan Health Service has undertaken a sizeable expansion of its hospital in Dar es Salaam, recently completing a Phase II US $83.5 million expansion (Tzs 192 billion) that will serve over one million patients in the country each year. The expansion, which was funded through a grant from Agence Française de Développement (AFD) and the Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN), transforms the hospital from a 70-bed facility to a leading 170- bed tertiary care, referral and teaching hospital. The hospital will now serve as an integrated health care medical facility for the country and the rest of sub-Saharan Africa. The Phase II expansion also includes an expansion of 35 outreach health centres throughout the country, 23 of which are already operational.

The Aga Khan Development Network

The Aga Khan Development Network (AKDN) is a network of private, non-denominational development agencies founded by the Aga Khan, which work primarily in the poorest parts of Asia and Africa. Aga Khan IV succeeded to the office of the 49th hereditary Imam as spiritual and administrative leader of the Shia faith rooted Nizari Ismaili Muslim supranational union in 1957.Ismailis consist of an estimated 25-30 million adherents (about 20% of the world’s Shia Muslim population). The network focuses on healtheducationculturerural developmentinstitution building and the promotion of economic development. The AKDN aims to improve living conditions and opportunities for the poor, without regard to their faith, origin or gender. Its annual budget for not-for-profit activities is approximately US $ 600 million – mainly in AfricaAsia, and the East. The AKDN works in 30 countries around the world, and it employs over 80,000 paid staff, mostly in developing countries. While the agencies are secular, they are guided by Islamic ethics, which bridge faith and society.


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