African American Brains being Studied by Lieber Institute for Brain Development

Apr 12, 2019 | African Americans, Behavioral Health, Lieber Institute for Brain Development

Prostate Cancer African American Male

J.K. Schmid writing for Afro reports the Lieber Institute for Brain Development announced the creation of the first African-American Neuroscience Research initiative (AANRI). A Baltimore nonprofit research center, it includes the largest human brain repository worldwide.  It also possesses the largest inventory of African American brains.

Clinical research, American history and African Americans don’t always go well together given tragic to horrific incidents in the past. Soliciting tissue from Black Americans is a fraught topic in the aftermath of the monstrous experiments in Tuskegee and violations of basic bodily autonomy and consent in the case of Henrietta Lacks. Lieber and AANI are taking careful conciliatory steps to make sure Baltimore’s Black community is invited into something that will be by and for Blacks. It is reported that African Americans experience more mental health problems than those of whites.    See the link to the Lieber Institute for Brain Development. Follow the link below to read the entire article.


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