Connie Weaver spent 40 years conducting research at Purdue. She has filed a lawsuit, claiming that her former institution is out to destroy her research. Purdue reports that they are simply trying to clean up the messy results of her work. 

What is Happening?

Connie Weaver, the former head of Purdue’s Department of Nutrition Science, spent 40 years building a successful career. This career ended on a bitter note when an $8.9 million nutrition study went awry. Purdue claims they are cleaning the mess while Weaver filed a lawsuit to clear her name. The research effort was known to be somewhat of a disaster.

The Plaintiff’s Claim?

Plaintiff Weaver filed a lawsuit claiming that Purdue is trying to get rid of 40 years of research. According to court documents, Weaver alleges that the Indiana university plans “to mandate destruction” of her work. The retired professor/researcher seeks a permanent injunction to keep the university “from any action or failure to act, that would directly or indirectly lead to harm or destruction” of samples of data tied to her work.

The University

Purdue claims they are trying to work with the researcher and that in fact, she is using the courts to “intimidate her faculty colleagues.” They suggest the lawsuit is meritless.

The Work

Professor Weaver spent her career doing extensive health-related research including National Institutes of Health (NIH) funded Camp Calcium, a study featuring a series of summer camp settings from 1990 to 2014 used to “determine diet, sex and racial influences on the metabolism of calcium and bone materials” reported Journal & Courier.


A 40-year veteran should have their work respected. We can’t be sure that the plaintiff is speaking the entire truth here but we have a sneaking suspicious university politics has rear its ugly head.

Source: Journal & Courier

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