72 Year Old UK Man Running Half Marathons After Taking Part in Royal Berkshire Hospital Prostate Cancer Trial

Jul 8, 2019 | National Institute for Health Research, Prostate Cancer, Royal Berkshire Hospital, UK

Prostate Cancer Clinical Trial

At 72, Peter Glass from the UK had recently lost his brother to prostate cancer.  He could have been headed toward the same fate, but rather entered into a clinical trial at the Royal Berkshire Hospital, Reading.  Since then, he is in much better shape and just completed his eighth half marathon in March 2019!

Glass is now a believer in clinical trials and is evangelizing the cause to others. Most recently, he urges others to volunteer for research after figures were revealed that there were 9,560 participants in studies supported by the National Institute for Health Research in Berkshire in the past year, reports the Workingham Today.

The Story

A father of one, Glass was diagnosed with prostate cancer at age 63. It was a shock for him. Both his parents lived into their 90s.  He lost his brother, David, who lived in Australia, to the disease.  It pains him that he wasn’t able to visit him.

The Surgery

Glass received a surgery to remove the prostate gland.  He was then treated with hormone injections every 12 weeks to reduce testosterone to keep the cancer cells from growing faster.  He was just about clear of cancer until a blood test revealed its return in August 2017.

Clinical Trial

Peter then participated in a clinical trial locally conducted by Royal Berkshire Hospital, using the drug darolutamide (developed by Orion and Bayer), regarded as safe and effective for men with prostate cancer where the disease has resurfaced.  Peter knew chemotherapy would be tough, so opted for the drug trial.

He soon felt better and started participating in half marathons.

Progress in the UK

Professor Belinda Lennox, Clinical Director for the NIHR Clinical Research Network Thames Valley and South Midlands, reports “We have had another fantastic year delivering research across our region.”  Berkshire has contributed 9,560 participants.


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