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5 NHS Hospital Patients Have Died Now from Listeria Outbreak


Two more NHS hospital patients have fell ill and died as a result of eating sandwiches contaminated with listeria, health officials have confirmed.  It takes the death toll to five, Public Health England (PHE) has reported—after linking a further three cases to the latest food poisoning outbreak.

It was previously announced that three patients had died from listeria reported the Independent.  Apparently, the NHS hospitals supplier is The Good Food Chain.

Hospitals are healthcare providers. They are not places to go to get sick and die from poisoned sandwiches.  This is an outrageous situation that must be brought under control immediately. Although not the role of healthcare quality or GCP the fact that NHS Trust food supply turns out to be deadly is just as bad.  Transparency is a good thing—the NHS must ensure the high quality of its vendors’ practices.  There should be consequences for The Good Food Chain as well.


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