100-Year-Old Discharged from Mumbai’s Rajawadi Hospital after Successful Ivermectin Treatment

Jun 18, 2020 | COVID-19, Ivermectin

100-Year Old Discharged from Mumbai’s Rajawadi Hospital after Successful Ivermectin Treatment

A 100 year old Indian man survived COVID-19 thanks first and foremost to his own strong will, dedicated health care team and also the use of Ivermectin. Ramlal Mali was recently discharged from Rajawadi Hospital recently after nearly a month in the hospital. He was hospitalized with a cough and fever and shortness of breath. With no other comorbidities, hospital workers were concerned about his extreme age, reported medical superintendent Vidya Thakur. He did not require a ventilator although he experienced difficulty breathing. He was just discharged, according to hospital staff, thanks to the Ivermectin treatment.

The Patient

Mr. Mali is a resident of Vikhroli Parkside (suburb of Mumbai). He was admitted to the hospital on May 21. Although he stayed in the house all the time (and no one in his family was tested positive for COVID-19), it is not clear how he developed the virus. He was a flower broker before he retired.

The Situation

With four wards at Rajawadi Hospital for COVID-19 patients, Mr. Mali was treated by Dr. Deepak Baid and Dr. Ravindra Hange. As Mr. Mali’s conditioned worsened, the staff kept him in a high density unit as there were no ICUs available.  His oxygen saturation level declined to 38% and the staff tried various combinations of medicine until they found one that worked, reports the Mumbai Mirror.


Now apparently commonly in use in India, the medics at Rajawadi Hospital report that Ivermectin was the drug that actually worked, leading to the recent discharge of 100 year old Mr. Mali. It was to the thrill of all the staff to see this patient heal rapidly. 

The Provider

Operational since 1958, the municipal hospital known as Rajawadi Hospital is located in the Rajawadi area of Ghatkopar, Mumbai, India. The formal name of the hospital is Seth V.C. Gandhi & M.A Voral Municipal General Hospital. The hospital was expanded in the 1976 and now has 596 beds.


TrialSite Network members in India send more information daily about Ivermectin use. As this is an important ongoing investigation, this news will be posted when relevant.





  2. Ram Bahadur

    Why doesn’t Indian government used on a large scale for the sick people of covid19?

  3. Ram Bahadur

    Why indian government doesn’t used ivermectine on a large scale for the treatment of covid19 infected people?

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