$100 Million Investment to Kalundborg—the World’s Largest Insulin Production Center

Apr 1, 2019 | Diabetes, Insulin, Leading Pharma, Novo Nordisk, Pharma Watch

A center where some of the old Danish elite operated, so do the new. Kalunborg was the traditional seat to the 18th Century aristocratic Lerche family where their palatial estate Lerchenborg  still stands; but a bigger Novo Nordisk house now holds attention over Kalunborg. About 50% of the world’s insulin supply is manufactured at Novo Nordisk’s Kalunborg  production facility. The Danish diabetes drug leader will expand these facilities to prepare for next generation products.  The expansion is projected to be completed by 2020. Michael Hallgren, senior vice president for Novo Nordisk production noted that since year 2000, the company has spent over 15 billion kroner ($2.3 billion) at Kalundborg.



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