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PriceWatch: ODYSSEY Outcomes Trial Reveals Price of Alirocumab Needs to Come Down

As reported in Annals of Internal Medicine, The ODYSSEY Outcomes (Evaluation of Cardiovascular Outcomes After an Acute Coronary Syndrome During Treatment with Alirocumab) trial...

PriceWatch: GoodRx Lists 20 Most Expensive Drugs for 2018

Tori Marsh writing for GoodRX provides an important list of the 20 top most expensive drugs in 2018. We recommend you select the link...

Diabetes Drug Costs: More Patients and Higher Costs

TrialSite News seeks to bring transparency to clinical trials and the overall drug development industry. With a focus on research sites, we also include...
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Why an Obscure Washington Firm Could Threaten Big Pharma?

The Washington Examiner introduces readers to The Institute for Clinical Research and Economic Review (ICER), an obscure Washington DC firm that may worry some...

PriceWatch: A Sampling of Advanced Cancer Drug Prices

To understand estimated treatment cost, TrialSite News reviewed some of the most innovative cancer drugs on the market. Powerful innovations have led to new...

Price Watch: The Agony of High Cost of Cancer Treatment in Kenya

Cervical cancer treatment without surgery: Sh172,000 and Sh759,000 Breast cancer treatment without surgery: Sh175,200 and Sh1.98 million

Price Watch: Oncoloytic Virus Tx for Melanoma Considered Too Expensive

Talimogene laherparepvec plus ipilimumab: $494,983

Price Watch: Merck’s Keytruda Improves Survival in Esophageal Cancer

$2,000 to $2,400 per prescription