Dr. Hyman was the senior study author of a major trial centering on Larotrectinib (LOXO-101) induced durable responses in patients with TRK fusion-positive solid tumors.  The FDA subsequently approved Larotrectinib (Vitrakvi) for cancerous tumors with certain genetic change. Vitrakvi (larotrectinib) is for adults and children with solid tumors that test positive for NTRK genes, which can help cancerous tumors grow. Tumors with this type of genetic change are not common but can be found in cancers of the salivary glandthyroidlung, and soft tissue sarcoma.

Dr. Hyman noted after the study “the data outlined in the NEJM publication show the potential that larotrectinib has for patinets who have TRK fusion cancers.

A gynecologic medical oncologist and Chief of the Early Drug Development Service. Dr. Hyman specializes in caring for women with gynecologic cancers including ovarianendometrial (uterine), and cervical cancers. In addition, he leads a large multidisciplinary group of researchers that conduct a variety of early phase clinical studies where they study new drugs entering the clinic for the first time. Dr. Hyman’s research focuses on the development of genomically selected targeted therapies. He has developed and led numerous global clinical trials of these genetically targeted cancer therapies, leading to eventual approval of several of these new drugs as routine therapies.

Source: www.mskcc.org

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